Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Well folks.. its like what... wednesday and i came home and started cleaning for my mom. and just totally thinking abotu life and my future, my feelings, my thoughts , and jsut the way im living. wow a lto of stuff you know we all may not want to think about because sometimes with these conciences we have it can be convicting a little. And now that im 18.. well i jsut want to do the whole thing i used to plan on doing when i was eight teen and that is being like hey im eight teen i dont need to listen to anyone.. no one can stop me for doin anything( this was something i looked forward to before i started striving to be a Christ honoring man) and you know sometimes i jsut catch myself saying that.. like when my mom is like i dont know if i want you to go or hey go clean the basement.. just little things and you know i love my mo mso much shes been such a blessing in my life and also shes all alone with out my dad so somtimes i have a little attitude just cuz im thinkin well im 18 no one can tell me wut to do... wow how stupid is that .and im just thinking about how i am goin to be on my own in like 2 or 3 months and i really need to prepare my heart because well it could go either really well or really bad and i def. want it to go good.. and wow God is really starting to act in my life and you guys prolly dont know wut this is but the great banguet is like a retreat and group of people that have been theough this great banguet weekend and i went through the teenagers weekend abotu 3 years ago and well it was awsome.. well ive been asked to give a talk at this years youth weekend abotu prayer adn wow am i excited im so glad i get to help and let God speak through me to maybe help some kids or encourage them to accept Christ into their life.. i have way more to say but this is already really long so you no well i love yall!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

well i feel good

well wow.......... i feel freakin awsome i got up today and went hiking, then i came back and tanned by the pool, and then i went and did a very nice work out i feel so dang good lots of exercise today... i gettin fit for mygirl!! peace