Monday, March 27, 2006

Day 1

well i just arrived in arizona about two hours ago.... its 12 now and its 2 back at home... and i absolutly miss lara elaine westfall so much!! all ready!! ahh it pretty warm here like 80 degrees but its overcast.. so you know not wonderful. but im not complaining.although im not with my future wife i am a little excited abuot being here.. i would have to say though that it would be 10,000,000 times better if she was here .. well i have to go i think i am goin to go swimming and lay by the pool ...i love you all especially lara elaine ... did i mention i miss her tremendiously DANG IT!!!


Blogger Lara said...

i miss you too babe but i don't feel sorry for you as you lay by the pool for petes sake

1:47 PM


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